Knowledge wants to be free!

The Interaction Design Foundation is a labour of love founded by Mads Soegaard in 2002 and later joined by his wife, Rikke Dam. Apart from the founders, hundreds of people help out, serve on our boards, contribute hard work, and do a fantastic job in helping create free educational materials for our community and the whole world.
We're on a mission to make free and open educational materials: There are so many great minds in the Human-Computer Interaction and Interaction Design community and we want to empower these authors to reach all their interested readers around the world. We believe these authors have the minds to change the world and deserve a publishing venuetruly designed for the author and the reader, not the publisher and the profit.
Our current results show that our free, open, and online approach to publishing lets our authors reach at least 20,000% more readers than their all-time most popular publication. That's quite an achievement since we only invite best-selling technology and design authors.
To do this, we had to re-think publishing from the ground up. For example, we do not "sell products" at all: Wegive highly valuable materials away for free. This allows us to use grassroots or "tribe-based" dissemination of our material, e.g. through social media, influential blogs, search engines, commercial classrooms, etc. With our approach, our readers are our helpers, not our customers.
In sum, it has taken us 10 years of hard work to get here and it's worth it: Every single day we help educate thousands of designers and thus help make "a better world through better design."